Apparently everyone thinks they need a blog.

Remember back in fucking 1999 when I was the only fucking person with a blog. That was cool.

Now every Tom Dick and Harry with balls thinks they need a god damned fucking blog.

And WordPress makes that fucking possible. It’s fucking better than blogspot, or those other ghetto services out there that fucking all the little kids hang out at. Like fucking Myspace. What a waste of time.

Do kids even hang out at the mall anymore? Jebus.


9 Responses to “Apparently everyone thinks they need a blog.”

  1. cheesyface Says:

    You swear a lot. Thats cool.

  2. hatcherdogg Says:

    yeah, swearing is dope. and shit.

  3. liberalcowboy Says:

    Fuck all of you.

  4. themaxx Says:

    Feels weird to see you have a blog. After all these years visiting your site, getting to visit your blog is sorta like getting inside your bedroom. Not too sure what I’ll see or if I should see it 😛

  5. hexxenn Says:

    Somehow I doubt this is the real Maddox.

  6. hairyorbsofman Says:

    You fuckin’ cock. Maddox would kick your ass if he found out about this shit. He doesn’t need a blog; and also, he’s funny. You, sir, are not. Or should I say m’am, because you definitely don’t have a penis.

  7. spuddox Says:

    You cannot make a blog! I made a blog!

  8. jolynncherry17364 Says:

    That’s what I originally thought, but the valley makes it look more remote. Pinenuts maybe? Regardless, that shit looks awesome.

  9. josefinareyes9555 Says:

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